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Renana Gutman

When Yoga lessons give you tools to transform each aspect of your life much beyond what you had expected, you realize you have found a great teacher and mentor. 

Yifat teaches with great dedication, human warmth, and attention to details, uncommonly perceptive and in tune with the ever-changing needs of the individual in front of her. Doing Yoga poses correctly is just the mere surface of her teaching. Yifat’s teaching is profound, and complete, patiently explaining things from their essence, sharing inspiring readings, and creating the space for you to explore. Her tremendous curiosity and vast knowledge, her constant study and practice of the union between body and mind have had an immense impact on me, embarking on a life journey that I feel so fortunate to have begun.

Daphna Azenkot


I’ve been practicing yoga with Yifat for almost a year and I can truly say that it has transformed both my body and mind!

I’ve done yoga in other studios before but never been guided in such a personal way that has been the key to a year-long progression and improvement. Yifat is able to fit the session to my personal level even in a class with more students. 

I’m hooked!

Yael Rubinstein

It has been a wonderful experience learning meditation and yoga with Yifat. I feel lucky to have met a teacher so dedicated to learning, teaching, and holding your highest well-being in mind. When it came to yoga, Yifat adapted different postures to accommodate some chronic back issues and made yoga work for me. I highly recommend Yifat as a guide to your inner journey, discovering how the movement of mind and body can benefit you.

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